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Magic Show Souvenirs
 (Postcards, Balloon Twisting, Magic Wands, Magic Books, Magic Kits, etc.)

Postcard Souvenirs

In addition to the magic show itself, at my shows I give away a special "Activity Postcard" as a souvenir to kids after the show.  One per child.  This Activity Postcard has a photo of me on the front, and a couple of magic tricks to learn on the back.  Kids often ask for my autograph on the photo.  This is a free bonus with most of my shows.

More souvenir options below this photo...

Donald Dunphy's Magic Show Souvenir - Activity Postcard #1.  This image is (c) copyright

Donald Dunphy's Magic Show Souvenir - Magic Activity Postcards.  Card #1 is shown.  Collect all 6!

Balloon Twisting

You can also add-on Balloon Animal Creations (Balloon Twisting) to a magic show.  Balloon Twisting is available as a 60 minute session, and there is an extra fee.  In an hour I can make about 100 single-balloon creations.  If there are less children, I can make fewer but fancier balloon creations, each balloon creation involving two or more balloons.  In the Victoria, BC, area, I charge $200 per hour (or portion of an hour) for my balloon twisting.

A magic show and balloon twisting combo is popular with festivals, fairs, special events, some parties, etc.  My magic show is a stage show, but the balloon twisting is a strolling-style of entertainment.  I call it Strolling Balloon Twisting, but sometimes I don't get to stroll around while making the balloons, because I end up with a line-up of children waiting for a balloon.  Call me at 250-727-6505 to discuss availability, etc.

*** Note - Balloon twisting is not suitable party entertainment / giveaways for kids ages 3 and under (they chew on the balloons, they can choke on popped pieces, etc.)
More souvenir options below these photos...

Donald Dunphy wearing one of his "Super-duper Slug Hats."   Photo credit - Lorena Watters.  This image is (c) copyright

Magician Donald Dunphy wearing one of his balloon hat creations, which he calls a "Super-duper Slug Hat."


This image is (c) copyright  Vancouver Island Magician Donald Dunphy makes a balloon dog for a fan.
Hot Dog!  Donald twisting a balloon dog for a fan.
This image is (c) copyright  Victoria BC Balloon Twister Donald Dunphy makes a balloon snake for a fan.
Snakes alive!  Donald inflating a balloon snake for a fan.

Magic Wands,
Magic Activity Books,
Magic Grab Bags, and Magic Kits

In addition to the show and optional balloon twisting add-on, I also offer other souvenirs such as Magic Wands, Magic Activity Books, Magic Grab Bags, and Magic Kits, which you can add-on for an extra fee (details below).  These are a great idea for goodie bags, gifts for all of the guests, door prizes, etc. 
Audiences love to take home a souvenir to remember the show!  People want to take home a piece of me, just like they would want a musician’s CD, after seeing him / her in concert.  Your child can have fun learning how to perform some magic tricks of their own.
Donald Dunphy's Magic Show Souvenirs (4 choices):

Magic Wand Souvenir - Donald Dunphy - Victoria Magic Show

1) Donald Dunphy's Fun MAGIC WAND (10” Plastic) & Trick Instruction Sheet (learn 6 tricks with the wand): $5 each.


Activity Book - Donald Dunphy - Victoria Magic Shows

2) Donald Dunphy's Big Magic ACTIVITY BOOK (full-sized, 24-page magic-themed activity book).  Learn to perform over 25 magic tricks, plus mazes, games, word searches, comics, and more!: $5 each.

Magic Grab Bag - Donald Dunphy - Victoria Magic Show

3) Donald Dunphy's GRAB BAG OF MAGIC (Fun Magic Wand, Big Magic Activity Book, One Real Magic Trick, in a bag): $10 each.

Magic Kit - Donald Dunphy's Magic Shows - Victoria, BC, Canada

4) Donald Dunphy's FULL MAGIC KIT (Fun Magic Wand, Big Magic Activity Book, Large Autographed Photo, and Three Real Magic Tricks, in a Magic Kit Box): $20 each. 
There is no pressure to buy extra items.  This is simply meant as a helpful service to you.  You don't have to spend time assembling goodie bags, or run around trying to find suitable items for gifts or prizes.  All the work is done for you. 
And these items create great family time together at home, after your party.
As a child, I won a magic kit in cub scouts, and I also read many magic books from the local library (and some that were given as gifts).  I would get help from my parents to learn the magic, practice, and then do small magic shows in the living room for my family and friends, from the tricks I learned from my magic kit and magic books.  Magic is great for the imagination (I can't tell you the number of times I pretended to make my sister disappear. HeheheJ )
Be sure to tell me in advance what items you want to add-on, so I know to bring them with me.
Phone me today at 250-727-6505 - Victoria, British Columbia - to discuss full information, including availability, show options, and rates.  The best way for me to help you out is for us to have a conversation on the phone.

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