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A Magical Proposal
 By Donald Dunphy
Proposal took place on December 15, 2011
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When Catherine came over to visit in the evening, I had her sit in a chair to watch a "new magic trick that I was practicing."

Then I showed her the Cube Squared Illusion, which is this big trick that can produce a person.  She's seen it before and even helped me test it in my home.  It fills up the living room.  So, I showed it empty, as per usual.  Then I said I was going to produce some Christmas presents.

Aside - For the past few days, we started doing a 12 days of Christmas thing.  Every day, I was giving her a small toy or gift to celebrate Christmas.  I'm going to do that for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.  (The gifts I'm giving are not necessarily related to the song.)

On the first day, I gave her a lego toy.  We didn't know what lego figure was in the package, because it doesn't show.  She opened it up, and it was a Viking.    On the second day, I gave her a Terry's Chocolate Ball.  This one wasn't orange flavoured, but rather mint.

The third day was December 15th (last night), which is also the 13th month anniversary of our dating.

Back to the Cube Squared.  After showing it empty, I produced a Star Wars Lego set (Hoth Wampa Cave), and commented that gift was for me and not her.  So, I set it aside.  Then I produced a Stratego game, and commented that gift was for me, too, and set it aside.  She laughed both times.

Then I said I needed a big magic wand to make the magic work.  I went into the other room, and hauled into the living room a magic prop called a Biggest Wand.  This is a jumbo inflatable wand that is 12 foot long by 1 foot diameter. This was the first time that she has seen the Biggest Wand inflated. I had her hold one end, and I held the other end.  We waved it at the Cube Squared and said some magic words. 

Then I put the wand back into the other room.  It was very comical moving it back and forth in my house, because of how oversized it is.

I lifted off the Cube Squared boxes, and showed that there was a bouquet of 24 roses on the mat.  I said that those were her gift for day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas.

Then I gave the roses to her, and she noticed that there was a blue piece of paper on the mat, too.  She thought that maybe it was a card in an envelope.

I took the piece of paper and unfolded it.  Inside was another piece of paper, a different colour.  This continued, until I opened up 4 pieces of paper total.  Inside the innermost, small piece of paper, was a 3" x 3" white piece of paper that was folded and blank.  I said that the magic didn't work.  I folded up all of the papers, and had her wave the bouquet of roses over top. 

Then I unfolded the papers again.

This time, in the innermost paper, was the white 3" x 3" piece of paper.  It had the words "Will you marry me, Catherine?" printed on it in red felt pen.  And a ring came out of the folded piece of paper.  I was already down on my knee, so I asked her if she would marry me.  She was shaking and crying and said yes.  I slipped the ring onto her finger and then we had a nice kiss.

Our Wedding was in June 2012.
This image is (c) copyright  The Cube Squared Illusion.  Used to make the Christmas Presents and Flowers Appear.
The Cube Squared Illusion. 
Used to make the Christmas Presents and Flowers Appear.
This image is (c) copyright  12 Foot Long Inflatable Biggest Wand.  Hidden in the other room.
12 Foot Long Inflatable Biggest Wand.  Hidden in the other room.
This image is (c) copyright  The Bouquet of Roses.
The Bouquet of Roses.
This image is (c) copyright  A special message appears in the nest of papers.
A special message appears in the nest of papers.
This image is (c) copyright  The Engagement Ring.
The Engagement Ring.

Donald and Catherine Dunphy Engagement Photo.  Lilo Photodesign.  Copyrighted Photo.
Donald and Catherine Dunphy Engagement Photo.
Copyright Lilo PhotoDesign.

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