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Vancouver Island Magician Donald Dunphy is illustrating who goes to Heaven with his Magic ABC Blocks during this gospel magic trick.  This image is (c) copyright
Donald is illustrating who goes to Heaven with his
Magic ABC Blocks during this gospel magic trick.

Victoria Magician Donald Dunphy performing the Armour of God in his Gospel Magic Show.  This image is (c) copyright
Donald twists animal balloons to illustrate the Armour of God
(Ephesians 6:10-18) during this part of one of his Gospel Shows.

Church Show Information
Laughter-packed, Amazing Entertainment for
Children's Audiences & Family Audiences!

“...It was a magical evening, with well-performed illusions, accompanied by humour, engaging and involving children from the audience, and presenting the Good News in a way that children can understand...
- Michael Welbers, Children and Youth Pastor, Fujian Evangelical Church, Richmond, BC


For church customers, I offer a variety of Gospel-message Shows and also For-Fun Shows (Gospel Shows are also "fun", but they have a message as well as entertainment).  Churches have had my shows for events like special church services, Sunday School events, children’s ministry events, VBS (Vacation Bible School), church family dinners, outreach events, church camps, and more.


Some people don’t really understand what Gospel Magic is.  Simply put, Gospel Magic is sleight of hand magic tricks and stage illusions that are used effectively to illustrate Biblical truths.  I make it clear there are no supernatural powers involved in what I do – just sleight of hand magic tricks, stage illusions, audience participation, clean comedy, storytelling, mystery, surprise, and fun.  The show content and messages have been carefully chosen to create the most impact, based on my background as both a performer and as a Bible College student (Prairie Bible College).   Also, I’ve been a member of Lambrick Park Church in Victoria, BC, for 20+ years.
Most people understand that a magic show is just for fun, and no supernatural powers are involved with entertaining an audience.  In 1994, I wrote a book titled, "The Bible, Christianity, and Magic: Two Essays".  This 35-page book talks about the difference between magic entertainment that is performed nowadays, and the occultic magic which is condemned in the Bible, with an in-depth word study.  Magic entertainment isn't really mentioned in the Bible.  Copies of the book are still available from me.


Note – Even though I am a Christian, I only perform Gospel-message Shows when requested by the church customer.  For all of my other customers, my shows are For-Fun Magic Shows (non-message). 

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