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Capture the moment as your child reacts to Donald's funny and amazing magic.  This image is (c) copyrighted

Capture the moment as your child reacts
to Donald's funny and amazing magic. 

Frequently Asked Questions
About Donald's Birthday Shows

Q: "Can we take photos, or record/video, the show?"
A: Yes, I would encourage you to take photos of the show. There will be some great reactions on the kidsí faces, as they smile and laugh. You may also video your birthday show, and I would especially encourage you to video the kidís faces as they react to the show. Some parents have told me that their child watches their birthday video again and again.  As a courtesy to me, please don't put a video of my whole show onto YouTube or video websites... but small portions are OK (a single trick or two from the show).

Q: "What ages do you perform for?"
A: Most of my birthday shows are for children celebrating a 4th through a 10th birthday.  I've done a few shows for older children who really wanted me at their party.  I've also done a few shows for younger children, if most of the guests will be ages 4 and up, and if parents sit with their children ages 3 and younger (for that age, I recommend sitting with your child in your lap).  For the most part, children ages 1-3 years might not get much out of a magic show.

Q: "Can I serve food to the children during your show?"
A:  No, please do not serve snacks during the show.  There are several reasons, including: (1) the show is live & interactive (unlike watching a movie) and so the kids need to focus 100% on the show, (2) they handle the magic props & scarves throughout the show and itís not fun to end up with sticky or cheezie-coloured props, (3) the kids could choke on the snack because of laughing at the show or other surprising moments, (4) they tend to spill food or drink because of not paying full attention to either their eating or the live show, etc.  Thanks.
Q: "Do I need to send you a letter to confirm?  What do I need to do to confirm the show?" 
A:  Hiring a performer who will be reliable is very important.  There is very little for you to do after we've spoken on the phone and you've booked your show with me.  I do all of the work.  When you book a show date and time, Iíll then mail you a show confirmation letter, with details of your show booking in writing. With me, your date and time is safely secure -- I don't cancel on you if a better paying show opportunity comes along -- I book first come, first served.  I'll also give a quick confirmation call a couple of days before the party.  You're welcome to call at any time with questions. 

Q: "Can there be more than one birthday child?" 
A:  Yes, I have done magic shows for birthday parties where there were 2 or 3 children celebrating the birthday at the same time.  Sometimes they were siblings, and sometimes they were friends (with parents sharing the cost of the party and the entertainment). 

If you do this, you should know that
I only include one magic kit in my birthday package, so you might want to buy an extra magic kit (from me) for the other birthday child.  I'll only do one personalized magic trick in the show, so you might want to supply a single photo with both children in it (or I can just focus on one child for that trick).  I can include an extra balloon hat in the Silver or Gold Package at no extra charge, so both of the feature birthday children get a hat. 

Also, if your overall group size is larger,
your show fee might be a little more because my fees are partly based on the number of people at the party.  But other than that, I have no problem with doing a show for birthday parties with 2 or 3 children who are the featured child, instead of just a single child.  Simply let me know when you are booking your show.

Q: "Do I have to move anything for setup? What do I have to do?"
A: Sit back and enjoy the show.  I arrive about 10 to 15 minutes before the show start time to set up.  Iíve performed hundreds of birthday shows in houses of all sizes, school classrooms, recreation centres, rental halls, etc.  Iím self-contained, which means I donít have to borrow a table.  I bring my own suitcase, which converts to my show table.  I simply need a small 6' x 6', or 6' x 8', performing area, and can help you move your coffee table, if necessary.  I prefer to have my back to a wall, or at least have no one sitting or standing behind me (including the adults).  When people sit or stand behind me, it causes a distraction for the audience and for me.  If itís a bright day, consider having me face the main window (with the audience nearer the window) or close the curtains behind me, so the kids can see the show.

Q: "Do you do outdoor performances for children's birthday parties?"

A: My personal preference is to perform indoors, but I have performed birthday shows both indoors and outdoors.  Info about indoor shows is detailed above in the question and answer, ďDo I have to move anything for setup?  What do I have to do?Ē

If you wish to have your show outdoors, please discuss this with me at the time of your initial show inquiry, so there are no last minute surprises.  It helps me so that I can fully prepare to do the best show for your group. If I am outdoors, I prefer to be in the shade, and not in the hot sun.  I also recommend that the children be in the shade as well, so they don't get sunburns or heat stroke. Some customers provide a tent for me to perform under for outdoor shows.  Also think about whether the kids have to look into the bright sun, when sitting and looking up to watch my show (you might not want the sun right behind me). You might consider supplying towels, blankets, cushions, or chairs for the guests to sit on. 

Also, please arrange for the audience to sit so that no one is sitting behind me (including the adults).  When people sit behind me, it causes a distraction for the audience and a distraction for me.  If it looks like it might rain or if it is really windy, be prepared with a back-up plan to move the show indoors.  Outdoors, balloons can blow away, and my magic props can blow away, if it is too windy. One other thing to remember with an outdoor show is that there tends to be more balloons popping because balloons don't handle being on the grass or ground very well.  If the children keep the balloons in their laps, all is well. 

Also, I can't perform the Gold Package birthday show outdoors at all, because I can't perform the floating person outside at a birthday party for safety reasons (and it's not because they'll float away).  But I can perform the Silver Package outdoors, provided we have a back-up plan for inclement weather, to have the show inside. 

Again, be sure to discuss your request with me well in advance of the show, at the time of the booking.

Q: "Are there animals in your show?"
A: No, I donít use live animals, which may make a mess in your home, or bite your child. My focus is more on the audience participation. I want the children to be the STARS of the show, not an animal.

Q: "Are your shows kid-appropriate? Are your shows age-appropriate?"
A: Absolutely! As a full-time professional family and children's entertainer, I donít use any foul language, or suggestive jokes.  Also, when I say my show features "CLEAN COMEDY," I actually mean it -- I do NOT use bathroom humour or underwear jokes.  (Unfortunately, there is at least one magician out there who does a trick with a ladies bra in his "clean kids show"... some customers have told me when they went to book my show instead of his.)  A magic show can be better -- still funny and amazing -- with the right choice of material.
In my children's birthday shows, there are no extreme tricks, no fire, no blades, and no scary tricks.  Occasionally I make a special exception when a customer requests a chopper trick for an older child's party (again, this is by special request only). 
Q: "I found another magician (or clown) who is cheaper.  Can you match their price?" 
A:  Sorry, but I won't match their price.  I've put a lot of work into creating a show that I feel is high quality, lots of fun, and a good value.  I realize that my shows aren't for everyone (but I have lots and lots of happy customers -- see my reference quotes).  Some magicians charge less, and others charge more, for their magic show. 
It's kind of like how some restaurants charge less, and others charge more, for a meal.  They aren't the same magician or the same magic show... just like, they aren't the same restaurant or the same meal.  A $5 meal at one restaurant and a $20 meal at another restaurant are rarely the same thing.  I'm sure you've heard of the old saying, "You get what you pay for."
Q: "Do you offer any souvenirs, to give the children the opportunity to take something home? Do you have ideas for goodie bags?"
A: In addition to the show itself, at my shows I give away a special "Magic Activity Postcard" as a souvenir to kids after the show.  This Magic Activity Postcard has a photo of me on the front, and a couple of magic tricks to learn on the back.  Kids often ask for my autograph on the photo.  This souvenir also has my contact information on it, handy for parents.  

Donald Dunphy's Magic Show Souvenir - Activity Postcard #1.  This image is (c) copyright

Donald Dunphy's Magic Show Souvenir - Magic Activity Postcards.  Card #1 is shown.  Collect all 6!

For the Silver and Gold Birthday Packages, I also include a Fun Magic Wand (10" Plastic) for each child.  (Wands are an extra fee in my non-Birthday shows.)

I also twist Balloon Animal Creations for all of the children in the Silver and Gold Birthday Packages.

(NOTE - I don't recommend giving the magic wands or the balloons to children ages 3 and under, because younger kids put things in their mouths.  Balloons can pop, and the pieces can become a choking hazard for younger children.  The plastic tips may come unglued from the wand, and the pieces can become a choking hazard for younger children.)


I also offer other souvenirs such as Magic Grab Bags and Magic Kits, which you can add-on for an extra fee (details below).  These are a great idea for goodie bags, gifts for all of the guests, door prizes, etc.   
Audiences love to take home a souvenir to remember the show!  People want to take home a piece of me, just like they would want a musicianís CD, after seeing him / her in concert.  Your child can have fun learning how to perform some magic tricks of their own.

Magic Grab Bag - Donald Dunphy - Victoria Magic Show

1) Donald Dunphy's GRAB BAG OF MAGIC (Fun Magic Wand with Trick Instruction Card, Magic Activity Book, One Real Magic Trick, in a bag): $10 each.

Magic Kit - Donald Dunphy's Magic Shows - Victoria, BC, Canada

2) Donald Dunphy's FULL MAGIC KIT (Fun Magic Wand with Trick Instruction Card, Big Magic Activity Book, Large Autographed Photo, and Three Real Magic Tricks, in a Magic Kit Box): $20 each. 
If you're having more than one focus birthday child, you should know that I only include one magic kit in my birthday package, so you might want to buy an extra magic kit (from me) for the other birthday child. I've even had parents who bought them for all of the kids attending the party.
There is no pressure to buy extra items.  This is simply meant as a helpful service to you.  You don't have to spend time assembling goodie bags, or run around trying to find suitable items for gifts or prizes.  All the work is done for you. 
And these items create great family time together at home, after your party.
As a child, I won a magic kit in cub scouts, and I also read many magic books from the local library (and some that were given as gifts).  I would get help from my parents to learn the magic, practice, and then do small magic shows in the living room for my family and friends, from the tricks I learned from my magic kit and magic books.  Magic is great for the imagination (I can't tell you the number of times I pretended to make my sister disappear. HeheheJ )
Be sure to tell me in advance what items you want to add-on, so I know to bring them with me.

 To book my Magic Show for your child's birthday party,
call me at 250-727-6505.

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